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Frequently asked questions

Q: I've got claustrophobia. Will I have a problem in the tunnel?
How deep is it underneath the surface?
A: Two roomy grottos are located 100m inside the mountain.
The generous entrance is on the ground level and therefore easily accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities and doesn't cause claustrophobia.
You enter the grottos on foot. No elevators or other technical appliances are needed.

Q: Will I get cold in the the microclimate tunnel?
A: No! You are bedded on a comfortable chair with isolating mats. Our therapists put you into a warm sleeping bag, additionally you are covered by two blankets. There is no draught. Comforting warmth is almost certain.

Q: How should I dress for the therapy?
A: Either a track suit or your daily suit with long sleeves are adequate.

Q: Is the microclimate tunnel therapy suitable for children?
A: Yes, for children at any age.

Q: May I accompany my child?
A: Please contact us beforehand.

Q: Is it secure to visit the tunnel?
A: Yes it is. The tunnel is built into long life lime stone. The adjoining tunnels have been built sone hundred years ago and remained intact during this long time.
The security of the therapy grottos are verified regularly using the latest measuring methods.

Q: How does invoicing with my Health Insurance Company work?
A: For Austrian Nationals and Taxpayers: Depending on the prescription by the consultant, the Health Insurance Company will grant 6, 12, or 18 treatments in the microclimate tunnel.
Please note: Approval of the chief physician is needed. Please contact your Health Insurance Company.

Q: Isn't lead unhealthful?
A: In Bad Bleiberg lead and zinc ore have been mined.
As long as lead occurs in the shape of ore, it is a mineral and therefore harmless.
After lead is turned into a heavy metal by smelting, it can be hamful to health.
In Bad Bleiberg, lead has been mined but never been smelted.

Q: Is the microclimate tunnel therapy suitable for disabled persons?
A: Yes, please contact us in particular cases.

Q: May disabled persons be accompanied?
A: Yes, please contact us in particular cases.

Q: Who is not allowed to visit the microclimate tunnel?
A: For the following persons it is officially prohibited to enter the tunnel:

  • Individuals with epidemic diseases or tuberculosis
  • Individuals with fever or acute inflammable affections
  • Individuals that are affected by alcohol or intoxicants
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