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For your questions or reservations please contact:

Address of the treatment centre:
Heilklimastollen Friedrich
Bad Bleiberg
A-9530 Bad Bleiberg

Map: [Please click to get a google-map]
Coordinates: N 46.6252, E 13.6894.

Postal address:
Freizeit- & Gesundheitszentrum "Barbara" GmbH
Kreuth 279
A-9531 Bad Bleiberg/Kreuth; Austria

Preferred: Telephone: 04244 3551 (+43 4244 3551)

Fax: 04244 3551 (+43 4244 3551)

E-Mail: we do not support e-mail. Please use telephone or fax.


Spa physician
Christina Fehringer, MD

CEO and therapist
KR Christholde Schator

Chief mining engineer
Anton Schator
Oberhutmann i.R.

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